Setting-Up Invoiced Rates Validation for Clients


    The process of setting up Invoice Rates Validation requires collaboration, in that, the client must reach out to the service providers in their private network and request that they submit rates for the services they provide. In turn, clients will review the submitted rates and then either approve or reject them. Once the rates have been approved, Invoice Rates Validation becomes active from the date agreed upon in the submitted rates proposal.

    How to Request Service Rates from Service Providers

    1. Select which service providers will receive the email.
    2. Launch Compliance Manager
    3. Select the Contractors Tab
      Contractor's Tab
    4. Select the Active Contractors link
      Active Contractors
    5. On this screen, you will select the service providers who will receive an email requesting that they submit rates for the services they provide:
    6. You can send to all service providers by checking “Apply to all”.
    7. Or, you can select the service providers individually, by checking the box next to the company name.
      Contractor's Screen
    8. Next, from the Actions for selected contractors, drop down menu, select “Send custom message”
      Message Screen
    9. In the pop-up screen, compose your message to your service providers, then click Ok.

      How to Approve or Disapprove Rates submitted by Service Providers

    10. To review the submitted rates, launch Compliance Manger and select the Contractors tab, then select the Contractors link.
      Contractor's Tab
    11. Next, click the service provider whose rates you want to review.
      Acitve Contractors
    12. Select the clients tab 
      Client Screen
    13. Now click the Client Rates link
      Rates Link
    14. Select the Propose tab
      Rates Proposal Screen
    15. On this screen you have the option of approving or rejecting the proposed rates.
    16. The decision you make will be emailed to the service provider and a message sent to their Fixxbook account.

    Note: The rates go into effect on the “ As of” date, not the date that they are approved.