Navigating Dashboard 2.0

    Dashboard 2.0 has three main sections: menu icon/tabs that provide access to the various permissioned pages, main content display area, and the log out/switch location sections.

    Dashboard 2.0 Sections

    1. Menu icon in the top-left/Tabs: Clicking on the links in the menu at the top-left or tabs across the top of Dashboard 2.0 displays the appropriate pages. Note that while links pertaining to creating, viewing, and leaving feedback for work orders are available through both the menu icon and the tabs, other links, such as the link to view invoices, are only available through the menu icon.

      Menu icon/Tab


      New Service Request

      Allows a user to create and submit work orders.

      Summary/Open Work Orders

      List of all work orders in the Open and In Progress statuses. Here, you may also view details and add notes to work orders.

      Late to Arrive

      List of work orders for which the service provider did not arrive before the scheduled date and time.

      Feedback Required

      Allows a user to submit feedback about a service provider’s level of service for work orders marked complete (with the status Completed-Pending Confirmation) by service providers.

      Work Order History

      Provides details of all work orders from the past 36 months, including open, in progress, and completed work orders.

      View Invoice History (accessible through the menu icon only)

      Provides details of all invoices from the past 12 months.

      Approve Invoices (accessible through the menu icon only)

      Allows a user to review and take action on Open, On-Hold / Disputed, and Reviewed invoices.

      Mobile Access Code

      Authorizes mobile users with single-sign on (SSO) access to generate an access code for use with the SC Mobile App.

      Note: You may also see additional links in the menu icon, such as user guides, company information, classes, or dashboard administrative privileges depending on your permissions.

    2. Dashboard 2.0 Display Area: This area displays the content for the selected tab/item from the menu icon.
    3. Top-Right Corner:
      • (For single-location users or Dashboard-only users): Displays the Logout (X) button.
      • (For multiple-location users): Displays the Choose Location drop-down list and the Logout (X) button.

    Accessing Locations through Dashboard 2.0

    All work orders are managed by location. Depending on system permissions, a user may have access to one or more locations.

    • Access to one location: This permission allows a user to create and manage work orders for a single location. Typically, this is a user who works at only one location.
    • Access to multiple locations: This permission allows a user to interact with work orders submitted across multiple locations within a company. Usually, this is a user such as a District Manager or Regional Manager.
    • Access to all locations: This permission allows a user to interact with all work orders submitted for all locations for a company. Typically, this is a user such as a Facilities Manager, or a user with administrative access.

    Note: If you only have access to one location, Dashboard 2.0 automatically displays that location.

    You must choose the desired location to see the work orders for each location. You may either select a location while you are logging in to Dashboard 2.0, or switch to another location after you have logged in.

    How to Select a Location Immediately After Logging in to Dashboard 2.0

    1. In the Location drop-down that appears immediately after you log in, select the location you wish to access. The Location #, Name and Address of the selection will appear below the drop-down menu.
    2. Click Confirm. Dashboard 2.0 for the selected location appears.

    How to Switch to Another Location

    1. On the top-right corner of Dashboard 2.0, click the Choose Location drop-down menu, and select the desired location.
    2. Click Confirm. The dashboard for the selected location appears.