Operational Metrics for In-Progress Work Orders

    From the Operational Metrics tab, you may view the following metrics for in-progress work orders, and drill down to view the details of work orders considered:

    • Open To Dispatch Confirm (days): The average number of days that elapse between creating a work order to receiving a dispatch confirmation from the service provider. This helps determine whether service providers are responding to work orders within acceptable timelines.
    • Dispatch To On Site (days): The average time that elapsed between dispatch confirmation to when the service provider was onsite (calculated via the checked in time), indicating how long service providers take to work on the problem after accepting a work order.
    • Work Orders with ETA Change: The percentage of work orders with an updated ETA; a higher percentage or an increase from one quarter to the next may indicate service providers habitually taking longer to complete work orders.
    • Work Orders Recalled: The number of work orders that were recalled, indicating the quality of service provided by service providers.

    Drilling Down and Viewing Details

    You may drill down and view/download detailed information on work orders considered for the metric. In the drilled down report, you may sort the results by a desired criteria (column header) to help you review work orders. You may also view the details of a work order in Service Automation by clicking the tracking number in the drilled down report.

    Note: You may switch between tabular, line/bar graph, or pie chart for a report.

    How To View/Download Work Order Information for Operational Metrics for In-Progress Work Orders

    1. Click a desired value for a metric (corresponding to either date range 1 or 2). Detailed information, including the tracking number, trade, category, priority, location, number of work orders, and the number of compliant work orders, appear in a pop-up window.
    2. Click the Download_button.png button that appears next to the name of the report at the top of the pop-up window. The Download As drop-down appears in a pop-up.
    3. Open the Download As drop-down list, and select the desired format. Detailed information downloads to your device.

    Note: You may download work order details for a KPI in one of these formats: PDF (Portrait), PDF (Landscape), Excel (XSLX), CSV, or Raw Data (CSV).