Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Maintenance

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of measurable values of work orders that are used to determine the performance quality of service providers. There are four Maintenance KPIs:

    Check-in Compliance

    Check-in Compliance measures the percentage of completed work orders that have both a check-in and a check-out entry. Note that there should also be a minimum check-in duration (time between check in and check out) of 10 minutes onsite to be considered compliant for this KPI.

    Work orders that are marked as Completed by the service provider are considered for this KPI. The statuses could be Completed/Pending Confirmation, Completed/Confirmed, or Completed.

    Work orders that are set to Auto-complete or have the category of Invoice only are not considered for this KPI.

    Note: To get an accurate score for check-in compliance, we suggest you to filter out the trades or categories of work orders that do not require service providers to be present at the location, for example, software management or waste removal.

    This KPI provides visibility in terms of response time and time spent on site. Check-in compliance also reduces administrative workload, as these details need not be manually added to work orders through the Web.

    Schedule Date Entry Confirmation

    Schedule Date Entry Confirmation measures the percentage of work orders where the schedule date was updated by the service provider to indicate when the work will be performed. It is applicable only to Planned Maintenance work orders generated in bulk and only have an expiration date.

    Since service providers are not mandated to update the schedule, when there is no schedule date, compliance is measured as a percentage of work orders that have a check in prior to the expiration date.

    On Time Arrival - Updated ETA

    On-Time Arrival - Updated ETA measures the percentage of work orders where the technician arrived on site before the date and time updated by the service provider.

    This KPI is critical because it ensures minimum business losses due to facility management issues.

    Scheduled Work Orders Completed

    This KPI measures the percentage of work orders that were completed by the service provider  before the expiration date of the work order, with the work order in either Completed, Completed/Confirmed, or Completed/No Charge status.

     Drilling Down and Downloading Work Order Level Information for KPIs

    You may drill down the scores for KPIs to view/download information on work orders considered for the KPI. See Viewing/Downloading Work Order Level Information for KPIs for information on drilling down and downloading work order level information for KPIs.