About Contractor Scorecard

    The Contractor Scorecard is a standard dashboard that measures and tracks service provider performance on various dimensions, such as reliability, timeliness, quality, and cost of service.

    On-demand repair and planned maintenance work is scored and graded based on different sets of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring you get an accurate measure of performance for both categories of work.

    The Scorecard also provides details of several other operational metrics through the life cycle of a work order. These metrics help you compare service provider performance between any two time periods in the last 365 days.

    As the same scorecard is available to both clients and service providers, it enables discussion on performance based on KPIs and operational metrics, thereby allowing to achieve and maintain quality service.


    Scorecards can be set up to deliver to your email in your desired frequency. See Emailing, Printing, and Downloading the Scorecard for more information.

    Viewing the Contractor Scorecard

    You may access the Scorecard from your Provider Automation account. Information is organized in four tabs in the Scorecard:

    • Summary: Displays performance summary for Repair and Maintenance work; also provides a high-level graphical representation of work order volume and average invoice amount, location feedback, spend by priority, and check-in source.
    • Repair KPIs: Displays score for Repair KPIs and grade; also displays 12-month trend graph for KPIs and location analysis by KPI grid.
    • Maintenance KPIs: Displays score for Maintenance KPIs and grade; also displays 12-month trend graph for KPIs and location analysis by KPI grid.
    • Operational Metrics: Displays operational metrics grouped by work order status, and allows for comparison between any two date ranges in the last 365 days.

    You may drill down and download work order information for KPIs and other metrics. From drilled down reports, you may also open and review work orders in Service Automation by clicking on tracking numbers.

    It is also possible to set up delivery of the Scorecard to your email in a desired frequency.

    How to Access the Contractor Scorecard

    1. When logged in to Provider Automation, click My Scorecard. The Scorecard opens in a new tab.