Creating a Service Request, Searching for Work Orders, and Reviewing Messages on ALP


    Creating a New Service Request from ALP

    On the Actionable Landing Page you may access the Service Request search criteria to locate and use a location Dashboard. See Searching for a Location to Launch the Service Automation Dashboard for more information.

    How to Create New Service Request from the ALP Page

    1. Click either Create New Service Request or the green plus icon (+). The Search by Location page appears.
    2. (Optional) Enter search criteria to narrow your results, as needed.
    3. Click Search. The Locations Search Results page appears, listing all locations that match the specified criteria.
      Note: Clicking Search without entering search criteria will retrieve all locations to which you have access.
    4. On the Locations Search Results page, click the appropriate Location ID. The location’s Dashboard will appear.
      Note: Refer to the Service Automation Dashboard Knowledge Base to learn how to use the Service Automation Dashboard.

    Searching from ALP

    You may search for work orders by the following criteria: Tracking number, Work Order number, Purchase Order Number, Closing Authorization Number, Service ID, or Location ID. You may also search for Invoices, Proposals, and Equipment (Assets).

    How to Search from the Actionable Landing Page

    1. Under Search, click the drop-down menu.
    2. Select the desired criteria.
      • (For Location ID only) (Optional) Check Exclude Maintenance to exclude work orders generated from the Planned Maintenance module.
    3. Enter the appropriate information in the text field:
      • Tracking#, Closing Authorization#, Service ID, Location ID, and Tag ID uses "exact search" search criteria.
      • Work Order# and Purchase Order# uses "starting with..." search criteria.
      • Invoice # and Proposal # uses "contains" criteria.
    4. Click Search. The records (work orders, invoices, and proposals) matching the entered criteria displays.

    Messages on ALP

    When ServiceChannel announces new features within Service Automation, we will update you using the Messages modal. When a new feature is announced, a number will appear next to the Messages flag indicating the number of unread announcements:

    Click the flag next to Messages to view the announcement:

    Messages Modal

    Once finished, click the X on the upper right to close.