About Compliance Manager (Private Network)

    When you employ a number of external service providers for your business, it is important for you to maintain a healthy relationship with them while ensuring they provide you with quality services. It is also essential for you to monitor whether service providers are compliant with your requirements in order to reduce the possibility of risks or losses due to non-compliance.

    Compliance Summary for All Requirements

    Compliance Manager lets you conveniently manage various aspects of the association between you and your service providers.

    With Compliance Manager you can:

    • Invite new service providers to join your private network. You may also occasionally add the profile of a preferred service provider to Fixxbook and invite the provider to manage the profile.
    • Review the profiles of all your service providers, download their W9 and sales tax reports, approve their rates, and communicate efficiently with them.
    • Add and manage basic, custom, and insurance requirements for your service providers.
    • View the compliance of both in-network and invited service providers and send notifications to non-compliant service providers.
    • Add standard and exception payment terms for your service providers, specifying payment dates and applicable discounts.
    • Create a record of agreements with your service providers, including details such as the terms of your contract, agreement termination options, and notice period.
    • Manage your personal and company settings, including users, roles, alerts, messages, and company information.

    Compliance Manager has three tabs - Compliance Manager, Contractors, and Agreements, which are located below the primary navigation bar at the top. There is also a Settings menu item located at the far-right corner, which lets you manage your personal and company settings, such as adding new users, creating message templates, and managing alert subscriptions.

    • Compliance Manager - Lets you add and manage requirements for your service providers and ensure their compliance with the requirements. You can also manage payment terms for your service providers.
    • Contractors - Lets you add service providers to your private network by sending them invitations and manage them.
    • Agreements - Lets you record the agreements you have with your service providers.