About Geolocation

    ServiceChannel Mobile Apps use the best available Geolocation Tracking. This technology is native to mobile devices (such as Android phones and tablets, or iPhones/iPads).

    ServiceChannel Mobile Apps rely on the capability of the smartphone to accurately pinpoint the location of the device based on the variety of location positioning methods. WiFi and cellular networks location services are less accurate than GPS, however they work better indoors. An example below shows how an Android phone can use GPS, WiFi and Cellular Networks to estimate the location:

    Location Mode Example in Mobile Phones

    Checking In Radius and Related Issues

    Your client may choose any check-in radius they desire (eliminating the previous limit of 0.25 miles).

    Pros of having a radius below 0.25 miles:

    • Greater confidence the technician went to the right location when you have multiple locations near each other such as a mall
    • Greater confidence the technician was onsite

    Cons of having a radius below 0.25 miles:

    • Greater volume of contractors unable to check in due to GPS accuracy (due to being indoors, weather, or poor GPS coverage area)
    • Greater volume of contractors unable to check in due to accuracy of location coordinates
    • To reduce this risk clients should ensure all location coordinates are accurate especially in malls or when other locations are in close proximity

    Issues and Recommendations

    Most issues with the accuracy of location services stem from inaccurate mapping data — such as the location’s coordinates — as derived from Google Geocoding or as manually provided by your client. The client may have to adjust their coordinates in the Location Module so your location services are more accurate, in this case.

    Another issue may stem from the GPS radius for check-in. For most clients a radius of 0.25 miles is more than sufficient; we do not recommend you actively pursue clients to change their current setting. However, should you have a client that prefers a radius smaller than 0.25 miles, please provide them with the guidance below, and if they still would like a smaller radius submit a PT.

    • For easy check-in we recommend 0.25 mile radius
    • For precise check-in we recommend 0.05 mile radius

    Reference this document from GPS.gov on GPS technology and accuracy.