Change Primary Payment Method

    You may switch your Primary Payment Method to another credit card or bank account at any time. To do so, select a new payment method from the Saved Payment Methods section by following the steps below. (To change payment methods, you must have at least one alternate payment method on file in the Saved Payment Methods section. To learn how to add payment methods, click here.)


    1. Login to


    2. On the top navigation bar, click My Account.


    3. Click Manage Payment Method.


    4. In the Saved Payment Methods section, find the payment method you wish to make primary. Click the "Make Primary" button.


    5. Confirm your choice by clicking "OK" in the pop-up.


    6. Your selected payment method will then appear in the Primary Payment Method section and will be charged during the next billing cycle. (The previous Primary Payment Method will be moved to the Saved Payment Method section. If desired, you may use the "Delete" button to remove it.)