Managing Preventive Maintenance Locations

    You can view a list of locations that can be assigned Preventive Maintenance Services by navigating to more > PMs > PM Locations.  The PM Locations page displays all locations set up in Service Channel, including their Regions, Districts, City, State and Open and Close dates.

    Locations List

    Click a location to view the services assigned to that location. In the Services view for a location, you can see information for that location at the top of the page and the Services List where you can view which PM services have been assigned and their details at the bottom of the page.  You can also edit the PM Servicesand modify Frequencies from this view by clicking the links in the Actions column on the right.

    Location Services Page

    View the Services Agenda for a Location

    You can view the Agenda of the upcoming PM Services for the location by clicking the Agenda icon beneath the location information at the top of the page.


    Quickly Assign PM Service & Frequency to a Location 

    Please review the detailed instructions for Adding Locations to Preventive Maintenance Service. Alternatively, you can quickly assign a PM service to a location from the PM Locations page by clicking the checkbox in the Assigned column next to the service. If no Frequencies exist for the service, this will open the Add New Frequency pop-up where you can enter your desired configuration.  

    Quick Assign

    If frequencies for the selected PM Service are assigned, you will be able to select from the Frequency List for that PM Service. Please see Adding Frequencies to Preventative Maintenance Service for more information. 

    If a frequency is already assigned to a location and you would like to change it, best practice is to always check the box in the Assigned column for the new frequency for the location first.  This is important so that all the pricing/NTEs and tax information will be moved along with it. If you uncheck the old frequency first, you will lose all pricing/NTE and tax information associated with it.

    Frequency List