Adding Locations Using the Preventive Maintenance Template

    If you have more than a few Locations to add to a PM Service, it may be quicker to upload them  using the PM Service Template. Remember that the system does not allow locations to be added to more than one Frequency under each PM Service to prevent duplicate work orders for the same service type. You can also add locations manually if you have a small number that need to be added.

    How to Add Locations Using the PM Service Template

    1. Navigate to more > PMs > PM Service.
    2. Click Frequencies in the Actions column for the PM Service you wish to add to a Location. The Frequency List for the selected PM Service will display.
    3. Click Locations  in the Actions column for the Frequency you wish to add a Location. The Locations page for the PM Service and Frequency will display.
    4. Click Excel Template above the header bar in the Locations List at the bottom of the page. This will download a blank Excel template to your hard drive.Locations Template
    5. Fill in the following for the locations you would like to add. 
      • LocationID (required): Enter the exact LocationIDs for the locations you wish to add in this column. Add each location on a separate line in the spreadsheet.
      • Quantity (required): Enter the number of work orders for each locations, which is usually one (1). 
      • Subtotal (required): Enter the agreed upon price or NTE amount for the service.
      • Tax (required): Enter the tax in this column, if applicable. If there is no tax, enter 0.00 in the column.
      • Tax2Type and Tax2: These columns can typically be left blank (mainly used for Canada).
      • CallerIDNotRequired (required): If you allow the service provider to call into the IVR from any phone number (not just restricted/blocked) enter True in the last column.  If IVR is restricted and a telecom file is loaded, then this does not apply, so enter False.
    6. Ensure that all columns are in Text format, then Save the template as a tab delimited text file.   
    7. When ready to import the Locations, click Import Text File. Your file will be validated for errors and you will be given the option to Submit or Discard.  Export Excel
      • If any errors found during import will be displayed so you can fix them.  Click Discard to fix the errors and upload the template again.
      • If no errors are found, click Submit to update your locations. Your newly added locations along with pricing will appear in the Locations List at the bottom of the page.

    How to Export Locations for Editing

    If at anytime you need to modify multiple locations (e.g., if pricing for all locations changes), you can easily export the locations to modify in the Excel template and upload again with the required changes.

    Note: If you need to modify only a couple locations (e.g., pricing on two or three locations have changed), you can always click the location in the Locations List and make those quick changes instead of exporting and uploading the template.
    1. While on the Locations page for the PM Service you wish to modify, check the boxes for the Locations you wish to modify.
    2. Click Export (X) above the header bar in the Locations List at the bottom of the page. This will download a pre-populated Excel template containing the locations and pricing that you selected. In the screenshot below, three (3) locations are selected, so the Export button is updated to Export (3)Export Locations
    3. While the Locations you wish to modify are selected, click Unassign (X) to remove the locations from the PM Service. If you do not unassign the locations, the system will think you are attempting to upload duplicate locations and will give an error.
    4. Modify the locations as required following the instructions above for adding locations using the PM Service template.