Canceling a Work Order

    Canceling a work order is appropriate if the service is no longer necessary. Generally, work orders in either the Open or In Progress statuses can be canceled, though your configuration may allow work orders in other statuses to be canceled.

    Note: Your dashboard permissions determine if you are able to cancel a work order.

    How to Cancel a Work Order

    Canceling a Work Order

    1. Navigate to the Notes Summary page of the required work order.
    2. Click Add Note.
    3. Enter a note detailing specific reason for the cancellation.
    4. In the Step 2.5: Choose status drop-down menu, select Completed/Canceled.
    5. In the Step 3: Choose recipient drop-down menu, select the recipient(s) to receive the emailed cancellation notice.
    6. Click Submit. The Note Summary page displays with two notes:
      • The status changed to Completed/Canceled, along with your comment.
      • The service cancellation dispatches to the service provider’s email.

    Notifying the Service Provider

    For canceled emergency requests, it is imperative to call the listed service provider immediately. In cases where a contact phone number is not displayed, contact your facilities manager or administrator about the cancellation, referencing the appropriate work order number.