Managing Location Note Headers

    Add Location Note Header

    You have a number of options for managing Location Note Headers. These options include adding new location notes, editing or deleting existing location notes and rearranging the order in which the location notes appear. There is no limit to the number of Location Note Headers that can be added to the system.

    How to Add a Location Note Header

    1. Click Add Location Note Header.7.jpg
    2. Enter the text for the header in the Add Location Note Header pop-up box. Screen_Shot_2019-01-02_at_11.03.05_AM.png
      Note: Only alphanumeric characters should be used when naming Location Note Headers. The Location Note Header character limit is 100. The character limit for Location Note Header values (data) is 7,000. We recommend using short headers and condensing values so it is easier to read.
      Note: Different browsers render formatting differently, which may cause unexpected results. Therefore, formatting is not recommended. It is not recommended to copy and paste into this field.
    3. Check the Private box if you wish for the header to be viewable only to corporate users.
    4. Check the Protected box if you wish to restrict the editability to certain roles for the headers. 
    5. Select your desired Search Type for the header. 
      Note: If you select the "Contains Search" option for a location note header, the "Contains Search" indicator will appear in the search boxes.
    6. Click Save. Your new Location Note Header will now appear in the list.


    How to Change the Order of Location Note Headers

    There is a drag and drop feature which allows you to arrange the list of the Location Note Headers and the order they appear when displayed in the system and on work orders. To arrange the headers, click on the header you want to move and drag it to its new location in the list.

    Change the Order of Location Note Headers

    How to Edit Location Note Headers

    You can change the header text, privacy and search options for existing Location Note Headers.

    1. Click the Edit Pencil next to the header you would like to edit.  Edit Location Note Headers 
    2. Edit the header as desired. 
    3. Click Save. Your updates will appear in the list.

    How to Delete Location Note Headers

    You can delete a header by clicking the red X icon next to it in the Actions column. The header can be deleted only if there is no data in the system for that header. 

     Delete Location Note Headers