Valuable Solutions for Contractors & Suppliers

    ServiceChannel is committed to becoming the world’s leading networked marketplace for customers, contractors and suppliers for facilities management, repair & maintenance, and energy transaction management, including payments processing, big data, risk management & compliance.

    ServiceChannel continues to invest with a focus on developing products, features, and solutions that provide benefits to all participants of the marketplace. 


    FIXXBOOK DIRECTORY A directory geared toward connecting clients and their facility needs with commercial contractors and suppliers who promote what they do through their profile.

    COMPLIANCE DASHBOARD Contractors and suppliers can manage services, compliance, and preferences for all customers from a single dashboard.

    WORK ORDER DASHBOARD Access to critical work order details that are immediately refreshed to reflect the priorities for the day.

    REPORTS Providers can download work order & invoice reports and sort/filter by date or service type to access pertinent data.

    MOBILE APPS (Available for both iOS and Android)

      • Contractor GPS App—Application allows technicians to check in / out based on geolocation, add notes, and update work order status while on site.
      • Contractor Initiated Work Order (CIWO) — Application primarily used for contractors to manage additional services found on site (commonly used by companies providing Scheduled Maintenance services)

    SCORECARD Contractors can monitor and measure key performance indicators by individual customers or in the aggregate across all customers to demonstrate a focus on service performance.

    INTEGRATIONS Web service integration (XML / cXML) lowers cost and improves ease of doing business.

    SERVICE CARE SUPPORT 24/7/365 call center and online support available to contractors and suppliers; includes follow-up support on work orders with response in eight hours or less.

    INVOICING SOLUTIONS Invoices can be submitted through three efficient methods, including electronic invoice portal, bulk load invoice, and integrated invoice, which makes the experience much easier for contractors and suppliers.

    KNOWLEDGE BASE AND TRAINING Contractors and suppliers can access a robust knowledge base that provides insight into using ServiceChannel products and features. Additionally, we offer online training every day for individuals who register.