How to Submit a Proposal for an Existing Work Order?

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    Creating Proposals for Existing Work Orders

    Important Note: The proposal must include all costs incurred, such as first trip, tax, freight, overhead and profit, etc. When a proposal is approved the NTE is changed to the Grand Total of the proposal.

    An invoice can always be submitted for less than the NTE but never for more without approval.

    If a revised proposal needs to be submitted, it must be for the original proposal amount, plus or minus the difference.

    If two (2) proposals are approved, the NTE is updated to the Grand Total of the proposal that was most recently approved. The NTE is NOT updated to the total of both proposals.


    To Create a Proposal, log into

    Pull-up the work order for the proposal by going to Track WO/PO from the main menu.

    When you find the right work order, click proposal, and a new screen will appear.


    Please note: Some clients may utilize a more detailed proposal form.


    Always leave the proposal number field blank to auto-generate a proposal number.

    Enter a requested by name. This is the person that requested the service or proposal.

    Enter description of services.

    Enter total cost incurred to date, if applicable.

    **Be sure to include a description of the charges, in the appropriate fields to avoid proposal errors.

    Complete the proposal break-down, which includes steps for materials, installation labor, non-installation expenses, freight charges, and tax, if applicable.


    The sub-total and total fields will calculate automatically, as data is entered.


    If you would like to attach the company's proposal form or other documents you can do so while filling-out the proposal form, if this option is available.

    At the bottom of the proposal you will see a "Spend by Category" break-down of all the expenses entered on the proposal.

    Click "Preview Proposal", this will take you to the last step in the proposal form.

    Be sure to check of the confirmation check boxes, to submit the proposal.

    After you submit the proposal, the system will give you a proposal number to reference and attach the proposal to the work order, for approval.

    When the client approves the proposal the NTE of the work order will be changed to the proposal total and you will be notified by email.