How to Receive Work Orders?

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    How do you receive a service request?

    A store manager can create a service request by using the "Service Request Dashboard".

    They can also call the ServiceChannel call center to have a representative submit the request on their behalf.


    Work orders can be emailed or faxed to you.

     A representative from ServiceChannel, or the appropriate client, may also call you for emergency requests only.

    The following instructions are for replying to emailed work orders.

    It is important to note, that during business days and hours, a reply is required so the client is aware you are processing the request.

    Lack of response, may prompt the client to reassign the work order.


    Every service request email will have the same information in it:

    Store location and contact information

    Call date, time, and caller (person requesting service)

    Problem description, category and priority level

    Tracking, work order and purchase order numbers, trade and NTE (not to exceed) amount

    Scheduled date and time, which is calculated based on the client's guidelines.

    Email instructions for responding to the request

    Any special instructions

    Your IVR number and pin to use


    You can also view the detailed work order, by clicking on the attachment in the email.