How to Run an 'All Calls' Work Order Report

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    How to Run an 'All Calls' Work Order Report


    You can run an 'All Calls' Report to pull all work orders within a given date range.


    1. To run an All Calls Report login at .

    2. Click 'WO Reports' from the main menu.

    3. Find and click 'All Calls' under 'Live Reports'.


    There are a few ways to filter your report to find specific data.

    These filters are under 'Work History', such as Category, Priority, Date Range, Extended Status, Sort by, and Report Type.


    4. Click on 'Date Range' to open up the drop-down.

    5. To find all work orders, modify your date range by clicking the 'Custom' option.

    6. Leave the 'From' date field blank and keep the 'to' date as the present date it is defaulted to.


    All other criteria filters are defaulted to 'All' or left un-selected in order for you to pull the entire history of work orders.


    7. On the right, you can choose a specific Trade, Location, and Subscriber.


    These options are also defaulted to include 'All' date.


    8. Finally, click 'Retrieve Report'.


    Below is a short tutorial demonstrating how to run this type of report.