Provider Assignment Template

    Using Provider Assignment Template


    The Provider Assignment Template provides an easy method of bulk uploading provider assignments for multiple sites and trades. This template allows you to Assign, Reassign or Retire providers using an Excel optimized spreadsheet.

    To use the template, you will need to have available the following information:

    • Your company’s Subscriber ID & Subscriber Name
    • The Location Name & Location Number
    • A list of the Trades that service your company
    • Your Service Providers Provider ID & Provider Name

    The above information can be obtained by downloading your Provider Assignments spreadsheet, under the Provider Assignment tab.


    Assigning Providers to Locations and Trades using the Template

    Once you have gathered all of the information needed to complete the template, download the Blank Template, enter the required data, save it as a Tab Delimited file and then upload it to your instance of Service Automation.

    Ranking Service Providers

    One of the most crucial tasks you will undertake when setting up Provider Assignments is the ranking of your service providers. You must decide which service provider will be the first selected when you need service for trade “A” at location “B”.

    Tip: In the image below, Company A is ranked number 1 at location 002, but at location 013, Company A is ranked number 2 for plumbing.Similarly, Company A is ranked number 1 at location A for HVAC, but ranked number 3 at location 013 for HVAC. There can be many reasons why a company would be ranked number 1 at one location and ranked lower at another location. 

    Ranked Providers Tip

    For each trade that services a location, you will designate the ranking of your service providers

    How to Assign Providers using the Provider Assignment Template

    1. Navigate to the Location & Provider Assignment link. 

      Locations & Provider Assignments
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Provider Assignment tab.

      Provider Assignemnt Tab
    3. Download a blank template by clicking the Blank Template button.
    4. Enter the information for each of the fields, for all of the sites, trades and provider ranking.
    5. Save the spreadsheet as a Tab Delimited file.
    6. Click the Upload Template button, locate the Tab Delimited file you just saved and select it.
    7. Add a description (optional).
    8. Finally, click the Upload button.
    9. Once your files successfully uploaded, it will appear on the Assignment Import History list, which includes the date/time the file was uploaded and the individual that uploaded the file.

      Upload Confirmation