Adding Users

    Service providers with administrative access to Service Automation may setup additional users on the account. This is beneficial so you can have more than one administrator able to manage all aspects of Service Automation, including work orders, proposals, and invoices.

    Note: All assigned Users will have access to both Invoice creation and Proposal creation on behalf of the organization.

    Service Automation Administration

    How to Create Users in Service Automation:

    1. On the top navigation bar click more > Admin. The Account Administration page appears.
      Admin Link from Navigation Bar
    2. Click Create New User. The Account Administration - Provider page appears.
    3. Complete the required fields:
      • User Name: The name of the new user.
      • User ID: The login name for the new user. Note: The User ID cannot be changed once the new user information is saved.
      • Email Address: The email of the new user, needed for that user to receive the password reset email.
      • Password: The password must be at least 6 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter.
      • Retype Password: For security purposes enter the same password that was entered in the Password field.
    4. Click Save. The new user will appear in the User List.