Facilidate Device

    ServiceChannel Facilidate

    Please note: This does not apply to all vendors as all clients do not use this service

    Facilidate is known as a "Secure ID token"

    It is usually placed in a weather-proof box that is located in a secure sections outside of certain store or office locations.

    Inside the box is an electronic card which displays a six digit number that changes every minute. This number is used by the vendor when they are checking into the IVR system.

    Using the Secure ID Token

    The purpose of Facilidate is to accommodate certain vendors who's services are performed outside of the store or after business hours.

    Since the IVR System was created for the vendors to have to clock-in to the job site using the store phone, these vendors were unable to use the system because they did not have access to the inside of the store.

    Although the vendors will still need to continue to use the IVR System to check-in and out of the each job site, there is an alternate check-in/check-out step that will be used when arriving/departing the job site, which includes entering the six digit number seen on the Secure ID Token.

    Upon arrival at the job site the vendor will call-in to the system as usual and enter their pin number and the work order number.

    Since they do not have access to the store phone to confirm that they are actually at the location, the six digit number on the secure ID token will be entered to verify their arrival.

    What makes the system unique is that every 60 seconds that six digit number will automatically change to a new six digit number combination, which when entered into the IVR system identifies the store location and the vendors exact date and time of arrival.

    The vendor will be given three chances to successfully enter the six digit number and after three failed attempts they are then transferred to ServiceChannel's call center to troubleshoot.