Reassigning a Work Order to Another Technician or Sub-Contractor

    At times, you may need to reassign a work order to a technician or sub-contractor, in case that person or company cannot work on a single, particular work order. In cases when you need to reassign a batch of work orders during a set period of time — such as during vacation or temporary illness or injury — use either automate or forward for technicians or automate for sub-contractors.

    How to Reassign a single work order:

    1. Locate the technician or sub-contractor with the work order you wish to reassign, and then click the(down chevron) icon. The Work Orders tab appears.
    2. Copy the desired work order number.

      Tip: Only copy the number, not any additional text or characters.

    3. Locate the desired technician or sub-contractor to whom you wish the work order to go, and then click the(down chevron) icon. The Work Orders tab appears.
    4. Click Assign WO. The Assign WO to <technician/sub-contractor> appears.
    5. Paste the work order number into the Service ID, Tracking or WO # box.
    6. Click Assign. The work order is now associated to the new technician or sub-contractor, as indicated by the confirmation banner.
    7. On the original technician or sub-contractor, click the x to the left of the work order number. A confirmation banner appears indicating the disassociation.