General Tab

    From the General tab, you may manage the following for dashboards: theme-specific information, primary and secondary languages, login/out redirects, and attachment preferences for work orders created by dashboard-only users.

    General Tab

    Note: To make changes to the General tab, make sure you enter the desired details, check/uncheck the boxes next to the desired options, and/or select desired items from a drop-down list as necessary, and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation message appears at the top-right corner of the screen.

    • Title: Title to display at the header of the dashboard (for example, the name of the dashboard).
    • Theme: Name of the folder that contains the images and design files for the dashboard.
    • Navigation Map: Name of the file that contains the list of the selected left navigation menu items.
    • FavIcon: Name of the desired icon to display in the address bar.

      Important: Changes made to the above four fields affect the overall appearance and/or functioning of the selected dashboard. Should you want to modify the above fields, make sure you enter accurate details.

    • Culture: Primary (default) language and date format for the dashboard. 
    • Other culture: Secondary language and date format for the dashboard.
    • Currency: The desired currency for the dashboard. This applies to work orders created after the change, and the NTE for these work orders display in the new currency in the work order detailed view.
    • Log In URI: Default landing pages for dashboard-only users to suit their work flow. Select from the Summary, View Open Tickets, View Work History, Request Service, and Leave Feedback pages.
    • Log Out URI: Address of the Web page where you want to direct dashboard-only users upon logging out. For example, in case your company requires users to update a specific Intranet page whenever they add or modify a work order, you may automatically redirect users to that page upon logging out.

      Important: Log In/Out redirects can be set only for dashboard-only users. See Adding and Editing Users for more information on setting up dashboard-only users.

    • Allow Adding Attachments: Allow users to add attachments (for example, a photo or video indicating the condition of an asset) when creating a work order.
    • Require attachments: Make attachments mandatory to submit new work orders.

      Note: The settings for attachments also apply for dashboard users using the SC Mobile app.

    • Hide Late to Arrive: Hide the Late to Arrive tab/menu item from Dashboard 2.0.