Searching for a Work Order in FTM Mobile

    There are two ways to search for a work order: by using Search or the Magnifying Glass.

    Using Search to Find a Work Order

    FTM Mobile Work Order Search

    You may search for a work order by the following criteria:

    1. Tracking number: must be the exact 9-digit number
    2. Work Order number: must be the exact work order number
    3. Purchase Order number: may be a partial purchase order number
    4. Location: either an exact Location ID or a partial Location Name.

    How to Search for a work order:

    FTM Mobile Search Criteria Selection

    1. On the work order list page, tap Search. The Search page appears.

    2. Tap the desired number type (Tracking number, Work Order number, Purchase Order number, or Location), and then enter the corresponding information in the above text field.
    3. Tap Search. The Search Results page appears listing the work order(s) matching the specified criteria.
    4. When finished, tap the X in the upper-right corner to close the Search Results page.

    Using the Magnifying Glass to Find a Work Order

    You may also use the magnifying glass on the top-right of the work order list to quickly locate a work order on the page.


    TFTM Mobile Magnifying Work Order Glass Icon     FTM Mobile Work Order Search Result


    You can locate work orders by Trade, WO#, Location, or Address, as depicted below.

    Note: You cannot locate a work order by status, priority, category, or scheduled date.

    Magnifying Glass Search Options

    How to quickly locate a work order:

    1. On the work order list, tap the magnifying glass icon on the upper-right corner of the page. A text field appears to the left of the icon.
    2. Enter Trade, WO#, Location, or Address information. The page will automatically filter the work order list to show work orders that meet the criteria you specify.
    3. When finished, tap the magnifying glass to clear the filter.