Generating a Badge and Checking In and Out of a Work Order

    Before working onsite you must generate a badge and check in to your work orders. When you are allowed to do any of these tasks are managed by the work order’s Schedule Date.

    Generating a Badge

    To gain access to a location you must generate a badge for each work order, just like you would generate a boarding pass every time you fly.

    The Schedule Date is the date/time that you are expected to be on site to work on the issues in the work order. Imagine the schedule date as similar to the departure date of a flight. Just like you will only have a boarding pass for a specific flight for a specific date, you will generate a Site Access badge for a specific job on a specific date.

    Comparing Site Access Badges with Airline Boarding Passes

    Consider key similarities and differences between Site Access badge and an airline boarding pass:

    1. As soon as you are assigned a work order, you can generate a badge. Unlike an airline where you can only generate a boarding pass 24 hours before a flight, you can generate a badge at anytime before the Scheduled Date.
    2. You cannot check in until your badge is scanned by your client. Just like you cannot board a plane until your boarding pass is scanned, your client must scan your badge before you can access the location.
    3. Your badge is good for 24 hours after it is scanned by your client. On an airline, once you scan your boarding pass and the plane leaves the gate, you cannot leave the plane. However, with a Site Access badge, once your client scans the badge you can leave and return as many times as the job requires, for up to 24 hours. Once 24 hours is up, you have to regenerate a badge and then scan your badge again.
    4. Your employer or client can adjust the Schedule Date forward to help you gain access. Should you arrive too late, or should you need another day’s access to the site, your client or employer can move the Schedule Date so you can generate a new badge. With airlines, you cannot move the Departure Date if you are late or if you need to fly on a different day.

    See Comparing Site Access Badges and Airline Travel for more information.

    How to Generate a Badge

    1. Locate the desired work order in the list.
    2. On the desired work order, tap Badge. Your photo will appear with a QR Code on the bottom. This badge is valid for 24 hours or until the Schedule Date, whichever is earlier.

    Generating a Badge in Site Access JobSite

    Troubleshooting Tips

    • JobSite will not generate a Badge for the work order.
      • The scheduled date on the work order may be in the past. Contact your employer about moving the scheduled date so you can generate a badge.
      • The work order was either completed or cancelled. Contact your employer about the status of the work order.

    Checking In and Out of a Work Order

    When you arrive at the location, the client will scan the QR Code on your badge. This scan authorizes:

    • the valid work order,
    • you as the technician assigned to that work order, and
    • the Schedule Date for that work order.

    Once your badge is scanned, you are immediately checked into the work order.

    Note: While you are checked in you will see a live, running time bar. You do not need to keep JobSite open in order for the time bar to run. Due to latency the time bar may appear delayed; behind the scenes, however, JobSite will calculate your true hours based on exactly when you are checked in and when you check out.

    How to Scan your Badge and Check In

    1. On the work order for that location, tap Badge. Your badge with the QR code appears.
    2. Present the badge to the client, who will then scan the QR code with their smartphone.
    3. On the work order you will see a clock running, indicating that you are checked in.
    4. When leaving the location, tap the clock and update the work order status.
    5. To return within the 24-hour period that your badge is valid, tap Start to restart the work clock.
    6. When completely finished with the job, tap the clock and update the work order status.

    Multiple Technicians

    You may be on a job where there are multiple technicians. Note that each technician must have his/her own profile created in JobSite, and are required to login, generate a badge and have it scanned in order to begin service. To change the status of the work order, only the last technician who checks out has to change the work order status.

    Should a technician change the work order before all technicians check out, the rest of the technicians will report an error.

    Renewing an Expired Badge

    You may need to renew a badge whenever the Schedule Date is in the past or you return to the site to finish a job after your initial badge goes past the 24-hour validation period. Simply tap Badge to regenerate a new Site Access badge.