About Site Audits

    Site Audits is a report that is available to those who use Site Audit, an add-on module within Service Automation that allows you to monitor your locations and related assets. When an audit is submitted using SC Mobile, permissioned users with the Site Audit Reporter role can view audit data, overall scores, and work orders that arise from each audit.

    How to access Site Audits:

    1. At the top-left corner of the screen, click the menu icon, and select Site Audits. The Site Audit list appears.

    Site Audits (Reports)

    From the Site Audits list page you can:

    • review all site audits;
    • filter audits by date, location, and/or audit type;
    • drill down into each audit to view checklists, ratings, photos, notes, work orders, and quantities/costs;
    • download individual site audit data; and
    • download filtered audit data.

    See Viewing the Site Audit List and Reviewing Audit Results for more information.