About Site Audit Mobile

    Site Audit Mobile is a module within the ServiceChannel Mobile app (or SC Mobile), used to inspect active locations and related assets. Within the app, you can inspect previously-specified Checklist Items that live within Checklists; each Checklist lives within an Area.

    SC Mobile is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

    Permissioned users with the Site Audit Auditor role will see Audits on the home page of the SC Mobile app.

    Note: Should you not see the Audits module, contact your ServiceChannel system administrator for access.

    SC Mobile Home Page - Site Audit

    How to access Site Audit Mobile:

    1. Search for and download “ServiceChannel” in the App Store (Apple iOS) or the Play Store (Android).
    2. Tap the SC Mobile icon on your device to launch the app. The Login page appears.
    3. Under the User Name tab, enter your ServiceChannel username and password.
      • To login with Single Sign On using a Mobile Access Code: Tap the Access Code tab, and then enter your Mobile Access Code.
    4. Tap Done (on the keypad) or Login (on the screen). The Home page appears.
    5. Tap Audits.
      • (First time user) The list of Audits available to you appears.
      • (After you have completed an audit) The list of completed audits appear.

    SC Mobile Connectivity Requirements

    Wi-Fi or Cellular Data

    You need an Internet connection (either through Wi-Fi or cellular data) to do the following:

    • login to the SC Mobile app
    • select a Location to perform the audit
    • create a Work Order
    • upload Site Audit results

    You do not need an Internet connection to conduct the actual audit so that you may do so in areas where connectivity may not be reliable (such as a basement or a location in a remote area).

    Location Services

    Your device’s Location Services option allows permissioned apps to locate you via GPS. SC Mobile uses Location Services to list your Locations that are closest to you.

    • While Location Services is turned on: The Location List View will sort your assigned locations by distance closest to you, and your current location will be pinpointed in Map View.
    • While Location Services is turned off: The Location List View will sort your assigned locations by Location ID, and Map View will display an overall world view of your assigned locations.

    SC Mobile does not use Location Services while you logged out of the app.

    Camera and Photos Access

    While conducting audits, you have the ability to take photos of issues and attach them to Site Audit actions. Your mobile device may ask for permission to access your camera and/or photos for the sole purpose of taking and attaching photos related to the audit.