About Site Planning Manager - Admin

    Site Planning Manager - Admin is one of the components of Site Planning Manager. It allows you to set up your audits, including areas, checklists, checklist items, and rating system. Users with the Site Audit Setup role can access Site Planning Manager - Admin.

    How to Access Site Planning Manager - Admin

    In the upper-left corner of the screen, click the menu icon, and select Admin > Site Audit Setup. The Admin - Site Audit page appears, listing all active audit types and the audit upload history.


    Note: Site Planning Manager is an add-on module. Contact your ServiceChannel account representative should you not see this module listed in the main menu.

    Navigating the Site Planning Manager - Admin

    There are three sections in Site Planning Manager - Admin:

    • Active Audit Types. The list of audits available in SC Mobile for auditors.
    • Inactive Audit Types. The list of deactivated audits that are not available in SC Mobile. Inactive audit types can be reactivated at a later date. See Inactivating and Reactivating an Audit Type through Site Planning Manager - Admin for more information.
    • Audit Upload History. The audit trail of all uploaded audits, grouped by audit type.

    Active and Inactive Audit Types Tabs

    Active Audit Types Tab

    The following table describes information found on both Active and Inactive Audit Types tabs.



    Audit Type

    The name of the audit, for example, Loss Prevention, FM Quarterly, or Standard Audit. This name also appears for auditors in SC Mobile. See Adding the Audit Type and Uploading the Site Audit Template for more information.

    File Name

    The name of the template uploaded for that audit type.

    Last Upload By

    The last person to add an audit type or update the audit template, described by their system User ID.

    Last Upload Date

    The date the audit type was added, or the audit template was updated.

    Actions for active audit types

    • Edit. Upload a modified site audit template.
    • Download. Save a copy of this audit type's template to your device.
    • Inactivate. Remove this audit type from the list of available audits in SC Mobile. The audit type moves to the Inactive Audit Types tab.

    Actions for inactive audit types

    • Download. Save a copy of this audit type's template to your device.
    • Activate. Add this audit type to the list of available audits in SC Mobile. The audit type moves to the Active Audit Types tab.

    Audit Upload History

    Audit Upload History Table

    The Audit Upload History table is the second table on the Admin - Site Audit page and is relatively the same as the Active Audit Types tab, with a few exceptions:

    • Every site audit template is listed in the Audit Upload History table at the time of upload.
    • Audit types are grouped and listed by date of upload. In the image above, notice the three audit templates listed under the Loss Prevention (Inactive) audit type, as well as the upload dates for each file.

      Note: For longer history lists, be mindful of this grouping with paginated lists.

    • Inactive audits are noted in the history, as depicted above with the Loss Prevention audit type.
    • The only action you may take is to download the associated audit type template.