Notifying Service Providers for Non-Compliance with Custom Requirements

    You can monitor compliance for basic and custom requirements and notify service providers from the Compliance Summary page. To drill down and monitor a specific custom requirement, you can use the Requirements page.

    How to Send Custom Message for Non-Compliance with a Specific Custom Requirement

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, click the Requirements tab. The Requirements page opens.
    2. In the Custom Requirements section, locate the desired custom requirement, and then click the # of # contractors have not yet completed link. The Active Contractors page opens, filtered to the list of service providers who have not yet complied with the requirement.
    3. Check the box(es) next to the desired service providers, or check the box next to Apply to all, located in the top-left section, to select all service providers.
    4. In the top-middle section of the page, open the Actions for Selected Contractors drop-down list, and then click Send Custom Message. The Send Custom Message pop-up window opens.
      Actions for Active Service Providers
    5. Enter the subject and your custom message. Then, click OK.
    6. The action summary displays the total, processed, and failed messages.
    7. (Optional) Click Details to view the delivery status of the custom messages.
    8. Click Close.
    Note: To learn to perform other actions on the Active Contractors page, see Managing Active Service Providers.