Sending Notification to Service Providers for Compliance

    Sending notifications to remind your service providers about complying with requirements reduces possible risks or losses due to non-compliance.

    How to Send Notification to Non-Compliant Service Providers

    1. On the Compliance Summary page, check the box(es) next to the desired service providers’ names, or check the box next to Contractors to select all service providers.
    2. Click Send Notification to Contractor(s). The Send Notification pop-up window opens with a prefilled message section, containing a placeholder for the requirements the service provider(s) need to comply with.
       Sending Notification to Service Providers
      Note: When you send notifications to service providers, the specific requirements that each service provider has to comply with will be filled out in the {{{requirements}}} section of the message.
    3. (Optional) In the Send Notification pop-up window, edit the prefilled message. Note that removing the {{{requirements}}} placeholder will remove the list of requirements from the message.
      Note: To include an image or a link to an external website, use the edit options available at the top of the message area.
    4. Click Send. A Send Notification dialog box appears.
    5. Again, click Send. The number of notifications that were processed and the number of notifications that failed displays.
    6. (Optional) To view the delivery status of the processed notifications, click Details.
    7. Click Close.