About Compliance Summary

    The Compliance Summary page displays the compliance information of your private network of service providers. You can also notify non-compliant service providers from this page.

    Using this feature reduces the time spent in the compliance verification and notification processes. In addition, sending timely reminders to non-compliant service providers helps you to improve compliance of your service provider network and ensure quality service on your work orders.

    By using the search filters on the Compliance Summary page, you can analyze the compliance status of the service providers in your private network from different perspectives and perform necessary actions. Specifically, on the Compliance Summary page, you can

    • View the overall compliance levels of your service provider network
    • View the list of compliant service providers
    • View the list of non-compliant service providers
    • View compliance based on trade, name, or primary rank status of the service provider
    • Notify non-compliant service providers
    • Export compliance information
    • View service providers’ profiles and manage them