ServiceChannel ServiceNow Work Order Integration

    About ServiceChannel Facilities Management

    ServiceChannel and ServiceNow have merged two of their world class applications, providing facility managers with an integrated, intelligent application that complements the strength of two service giants.

    With ServiceChannel for ServiceNow, users can seamlessly create and manage service automation work orders without leaving their ServiceNow instance. Users can:

    • Easily request and trigger work order activity from ServiceNow for dispatch to a third party contractor, service provider or internal technician
    • Track work order results through to completion, allow for invoicing and payment through the ServiceChannel platform
    • Access all related data and results for a single system of record

    Now, ServiceNow customers can take advantage of the comprehensive facilities management functionality of ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform.  The ServiceChannel application for ServiceNow provides seamless integration between the two platforms, allowing ServiceNow users to manage all service requests through a single interface and maintain a single system of record.

    With this application, ServiceNow users enter requests similarly as they do now, creating ‘ServiceChannel’ work orders in the ServiceNow platform.  These work orders automatically create a ‘linked’ work order in Service Automation.  Updates to a work order’s status in Service Automation automatically update the work order in ServiceNow, ensuring a consistent consolidated view of all service activity.



    • System of Record: Maintain a single ‘system of record’ of all service requests (e.g. IT, facilities R&M)
    • Consolidated View: Manage facilities R&M service requests with other non-facilities service requests from ServiceNow
    • Facilities Management Capability: Extend comprehensive source-to-settle facilities management functionality seamlessly to the ServiceNow platform
    • Improved Efficiency: Save time and reduce errors by eliminating duplicate ticket input through two systems through seamless exchange of work order data between ServiceNow and ServiceChannel systems
    • Employee Self Service: Minimize resource costs and speed issue resolution by having users enter service requests directly without need for help desk involvement
    • Full Visibility/Transparency: View all service tickets from ServiceNow dashboards as needed (e.g., ”assigned to me,” “high priority,” etc.) and keep up-to-date via event-based notifications (e.g. work order updated)

    ServiceChannel Application for ServiceNow Features

    ServiceChannel Application for ServiceNow features include:

    •Automated Ticket / Work Order Creation: Tickets submitted through the ServiceNow interface (Service Catalog) automatically flow to ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform

    •Automated Status Update: Third party contractor or internal tech updates to work order status and notes/communications are automatically passed between platforms

    •Event-based Alerts/Notifications: Create ServiceNow alerts and notifications (email or SMS) for users tied to a work order on any triggering activity/condition (e.g. work order updated)

    •Scheduled Work Orders: Easily schedule planned and/or required recurring preventive maintenance services

    •Reporting: Extensive reporting capabilities across both systems providing any level of detail and work order lifecycle information (e.g. open work orders to payments to spend analytics)