About Invoiced Rates Validation

    The Invoiced Rates Validation is a feature in Service Automation. Now all invoiced labor rates are validated against the agreed upon rates submitted by your service providers. This increases transparency and saves time for both client and service providers. What this means for service providers is that they have easy access to the rates they have agreed upon when they create an invoice. With this information readily at hand, they can create invoices with the confidence that the rates that they are submitting to a given client are the rates that they have agreed upon. Similarly, clients are informed, when viewing an invoice, that a service provider has submitted an invoice with labor rates that are either below or above the agreed upon rate.

    Setting Up Rates Validation 

    Setting up Invoiced Rates Validation is a multi-part process.Clients who subscribe to Decision Engine, who also wish to use Invoice Rates Validation will have to, if they have not already done so, request the service providers from their private network to propose rates for the services they provide. Service Providers would then, in Fixxbook, set up rates for the services they provide, for that client and submit them for review. Upon approval, when subsequent invoices are submitted, any labor rates that are below or above the agreed upon rates will display with a flag indicating which labor rates do not match the agreed upon labor rates. Additionally, if the client has set up auto-approve for invoices, any invoice that is presented with labor rates that do not match the agreed upon labor rates, even if the total invoice is below the NTE, it will be rejected for having mis-matched rates. This feature provides an additional layer of transparency by preventing invoices with incorrect labor rates from being processed automatically.