Viewing Late to Arrive Work Orders

    This tab lists all work orders where the service provider accepted the work but did not start working on the request beyond the scheduled date/time.

    Late to Arrive Work Orders

    Work orders in the Late to Arrive page are arranged by oldest work orders first. The information available for work orders in this page include:

    • Scheduled date when the service provider should have arrived at the location, and the wrench/clock icon representing whether it is a repair or planned maintenance work, respectively. This column is color coded based on the status of the work order. The Legend appears at the bottom of the table, identifying each work order status by color.
    • Tracking number, which you can hover over to see more details about the work order. Also, a paper clip icon appears here when there are work order attachments.
    • Priority of the work order and the extended status.
    • Problem description and work order status.

    You may also view auto-generated as well as user-added notes, and add notes to work orders. See Viewing and Adding Notes to Work Orders for more information.