About Site Planning Manager

    Site Planning Manager, formerly known as Site Audit, is an add-on module within Service Automation that allows you to inspect active locations and related assets. By using Site Planning Manager, you may:

    • Spend less time conducting audits, which may help you with informed budget planning based on easily accessible data.
    • Easily identify cross-audit trends within a region, brand, or state as well as find persistent issues within one location.
    • Reduce audit duration by approximately 15%.
    • Allow location staff to perform audits, thus reducing field team costs.
    • Get actionable data through Analytics to help you make smarter and faster decisions on your locations.

    The Components of Site Planning Manager

    Components of Site Planning Manager

    Site Planning Manager is comprised of three components:

    Note: Consider allowing a handful of facility operators having access to all three components for testing and troubleshooting purposes.