About Asset Manager

    The Asset Manager module of Service Automation is a seamless way to track, manage and evaluated the viability and worth of hundreds of assets across multiple locations. When tied into other ServiceChannel modules, such as Analytics companies can run reports that inform them when it is time to replace rather than repair a particular asset. Finally, Asset Manager provides companies with a simple template-based spreadsheet designed for uploading assets for multiple locations, complete, with the relevant data needed to ensure that your company always has the data needed to make decisions that impact your bottom line.


    Asset Creation Process


    Asset Manager is listed as “Assets (Equipment)” and is accessed through your Service Automation console. It is located the hamburger menu on your ServiceChannel console. The Asset Manager landing page contains four primary links, each with access to a specific functionality that provides you with what you need to manage your assets.

    The special permission that is needed to access Asset Manager is granted at the administrator level. With the appropriate permission, you can add asset types, add assets and their attributes, and upload assets using ServiceChannel’s Asset Import Template.