Setting up Email Delivery, Printing, and Downloading the Scorecard

    You may email, download, or print the information that displays in any tab of the Contractor Scorecard.

    You may also set a desired frequency for email delivery of the Scorecard, including daily, weekly, or monthly basis. When you set up email delivery, your filter selections are saved, and reports are generated with the same filters and delivered to your email.

    How to Set Up Email Delivery of the Scorecard

    1. Click the clock icon in the top-right corner of the Contractor Scorecard. The Email Dashboard pop-up appears.
    2. Select the desired tabs to be emailed:
      • All tabs: Select Email all current and future tabs in the dashboard.
      • Specific tabs: Select Email only selected tabs, check the boxes next to the desired tabs, and click Apply.
    3. Select the desired frequency:
      • Daily: Click Daily in the drop-down, and select the desired time.
      • Weekly: Select the desired frequency, day, and time.
      • Monthly: Select the desired frequency, day of week/month, day, and time.
    4. (Optional) Add additional recipients and/or custom email message:
      1. Click Add recipients or define custom message and subject.
      2. In the Send a Copy To field, enter additional emails to send the report to.

        Note: Use comma to separate multiple email addresses.

      3. Update the email subject and message.
    5. Click Schedule. The Scorecard will be emailed to the recipient(s) at the selected frequency.

    Printing/Downloading a Scorecard Tab

    You may print or download the details that display in a Scorecard tab by clicking the Print or Export icons in the top-right corner of the Scorecard.