12 Month KPI Trend and Location Analysis by KPI

    In addition to the KPI scores, the Repair and Maintenance KPIs tabs also display a 12-month trend graph for the KPIs and a color coded Location Analysis by KPI grid.

    The 12-month trend graph illustrates how the scores for a KPI have changed during the last 12 months. The Location Analysis by KPI grid visually indicates the score for KPIs for each location. You may sort the grid by location and identify the locations where service provider performance needs improvement.

    12-Month KPI Trend

    The 12-month trend graphs for the KPIs help identify whether the performance was consistent over the course of the past year. A straight line graph with a high score indicates a consistent and reliable performance, whereas crests and troughs indicate high and low performance scenarios. For maintenance work orders, you may also view the trends by quarter.

    Hovering your mouse over a data point in a desired line graph displays the score for that KPI for the corresponding month.

    How to View KPI Trend for a Month

    1. Click a desired month name in the horizontal (x) axis. A pop-up window displays the scores for each KPI by day.
    2. (Optional) Download the report in a desired format.

    How to View KPI Trend by Quarter

    Note: The ability to view trends by quarter is only available for maintenance work orders.

    1. Click the Trends by Quarter link in the right. The performance trend for the last 4 quarters for all KPIs display.
    2. Click a quarter name to view KPI trends by months in the quarter.
    3. (Optional) Click a month name to view KPI score trends by day for the entire month.
    4. (Optional) Download the report in a desired format.

    Location Analysis by KPI

    This section displays the score for each KPI by location. Performance levels are colored in gradients.

    You may use the location analysis grid to identify locations that have poor performance for a KPI by sorting the grid by the desired KPI score or work order volume.

    Note: You may sort the grid by a location, number of work orders, or score, by hovering the mouse over the desired column header and clicking the sort icon Sort_icon.png that appears.

    This grid also helps you understand why the score for a specific KPI is low - a few locations with low performance may bring the overall score for all locations down for a KPI.