Repair KPIs Tab

    The Repair KPIs tab provides the score and grade for on-demand, repair work. From this tab, you may also identify whether the performance was consistent over the past year and whether there are any locations where service provider performance needs improvement.


    Information specific to Repair work orders is arranged in five sections from the top:

    • Grade and score for the selected date range. See Score and Grade Calculation for more information on how scores and grade are calculated.
    • Filters, allowing you to view information based on specific criteria.
    • KPIs and scores over the last 3/6/12 months, and the selected custom date range. You may drill down each score in this grid to view related work order information. See Repair KPIs for more information.
    • 12 Month KPI trend, highlighting the trends in KPI scores over the last 12 months.
    • Location Analysis by KPI, displaying the scores for KPIs for each location.