Configuring Reasons for Proposal Approval

    The Proposal Approval Reasons configuration mandates facility managers to select a reason for proposal approval for certain trades and/or categories.

    The list of possible reasons is configured in the Proposal Approval Reasons section of Service Automation Admin. You can create a list of reasons that will be universal for all proposal as well as add reasons that will be specific for proposals of certain trades and/or categories.

    Important: Only users with Admin User and Super Admin roles can access the Proposal Approval Reasons section.

    How to Access Proposal Approval Reasons

    1. On the top navigation bar, click more ▾ > Admin.
    2. Click Proposal Approval Reasons. The list of reasons for proposal approval appears.

    Proposal Approval Reasons

    How to Add a Reason for Proposal Approval

    1. Click Create New Reason. The Create New Reason overlay appears.
    2. Select the desired categories and trades. Should you need to create a reason applicable to all proposals, select All Categories and All Trades.
    3. Enter a reason for proposal approval.

      Create a Reason for Proposal Approval

    4. Click Create. The reason for proposal approval appears in the list of reasons.

    How to Edit a Reason for Proposal Approval

    1. Click the reason name. The Update Reason overlay appears.
    2. Edit the required fields, and then click Save. The reason is updated.

    How to Remove a Reason for Proposal Approval

    At any time you may remove Reasons for Proposal Approval.

    1. Select reasons that you wish to delete by clicking the empty checkboxes.
    2. Click Delete Reason(s). The selected reasons for proposal approval are removed from Service Automation.

    Note: Should you need to update or delete a reason for proposal approval, this will not affect the previously used reason.