Entering CIWO Work Orders for Services Not Listed

    In some cases, your client may allow you to enter work orders for Services Not Listed in the app. Should this be the case, you will see this option after you choose a service, as depicted below. Note that work orders created using Services Not Listed must be validated by the facility operations team.

    Note: Your client must configure Service Not Listed in order for you to use it. Should you not see it, your client has not allowed you to use this feature.

    CIWO Workflow for 'Services Not Listed' Work Orders

    How to enter a Services Not Listed work order:

    1. After selecting a location, tap Choose Service and then select the appropriate service.
    2. Select Service not listed. A free-form text box appears.
    3. Enter a detailed description of services rendered.
    4. Tap Create. The confirmation page appears with the tracking number and the status of the work order.
    5. Tap Complete. The app returns to the Choose Service page.