About CIWO for Mobile

    CIWO for Mobile (or Contractor Initiated Work Orders) is a mobile app that allows select service providers to create work orders for unplanned or overnight events (such as snow removal or landscaping).

    A service provider is permissioned to use CIWO by the client, and can enter work orders for a minimal set of specific locations, trades, locations, and circumstances. This is based on any service level agreements in place with the client. CIWO is different in which you do not have to wait for the client to enter a work order for unplanned services. You can enter these work orders while onsite, which gives you and your clients immediate transparency of services and costs as soon as the work is done.

    CIWO for Mobile is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

    The CIWO App

    How CIWO Works

    After you go onsite and perform contracted services, you will enter your services into CIWO. A work order is then created, calculating the NTE based on an agreed-upon pricing matrix between you and your client. The work order is reviewed and marked as Complete, after which you can generate an invoice.

    The CIWO Workflow

    How to access CIWO for Mobile:

    1. Search for and download “CIWO” in the App Store (Apple iOS) or the Play Store (Android).
    2. Tap the CIWO icon on your device to launch the app. The Login page appears.
    3. Enter your provider PIN, and then tap Login. The Choose Location page appears.

    From here you can enter a work order for a selected location.

    CIWO for Mobile Connectivity Requirements

    Wi-Fi or Cellular Data

    You need an Internet connection (either through Wi-Fi or cellular data) to do the following:

    • login to the CIWO app
    • select a Location
    • create Work Orders

    Location Services

    Your device’s Location Services option allows permissioned apps to locate you via GPS. CIWO uses Location Services to list your Locations that are closest to you.

    • While Location Services is turned on: You are able fully use the CIWO mobile app, include select a location and enter work orders.
    • While Location Services is turned off: You are not able to use the CIWO mobile app without location services.

    CIWO for Mobile does not use Location Services while you are logged out of the app.

    Camera and Photos/Videos Access

    You have the ability to take photos/videos of issues and attach them to work orders. Your mobile device may ask for permission to access your camera and/or photos/videos for the sole purpose of taking and attaching photos/videos related to these actions.