Service Automation Alerts

    Service Automation sends alerts to clients and service providers based on actions (or non-actions) in the system. Here is a partial list of standard alerts. Clients should speak with their account representative about customized alerts.

    Alert Name Alert Description
    Invoice Status Change Alert Sends an email to both the Client and Service Provider whenever the status of an invoice has changed. One email per provider for every active client when an invoice status has changed in last 24 hours.
    Auto Escalation Sends email to multi-level invoice (MLI) users who want to escalate the invoice to the level above after certain amount of time. Sends emails to the MLI user in the invoice.
    Work Orders Completed (Not Invoiced) for X days An e-mail is sent once a day to the service provider listing the work orders that have a NTE > $0 and have been closed out for “x” days (i.e., 45 days) but have not been invoiced. The alert can be sent for “y” number of days (i.e., the alert is sent when the work order has been completed not invoiced from day 30 (“x”) to day 45 (“y”).
    (Note: the client chooses the “x” and “y” parameters.)
    Open Invoice No Attachment Sends an email to providers about invoices with no attachment.
    Generic Auto Reject Sends an email alert to clients and providers that an invoice has been rejected based on the length of invoice and age of the work order.
    New Location No Relationship Alert (or New Store Alert) A daily email is sent to clients listing all locations that have been created in the previous day (store number, address, and store opening date.)
    Missing or Invalid GPS Coordinates Sends an email to state a location has missing GPS coordinates when GPS Check-In is turned on.
    Report to track unusual login attempts by users Sends an alert when there are an unusual number of login attempts by users.
    Generic Missing Location Note Alert Sends an alert when a location note is missing from configuration.
    Open Work Order Alerts Send email alert to providers about invoices in open/in progres status. IT already has summary of info in the email.
    Eta Missed for Emergency Alert This alert generates an individual e-mail for each work order where the ETA has been missed (no IVR check-in) The e-mail can be sent to the client and/or the provider (contractor/vendor). Specific parameters can be set – for example, the alert can be set up for work orders only to be sent 30 minutes after the ETA is missed to be e-mailed to the provider.
    Dispatch Not Confirmed Alert for Client (Emergency/Not Emergency) This alert sends the provider and client an email with a list of all work orders that were dispatched but not confirmed.
    Dispatch Not Confirmed Alert for Call Center This alert is sent to service providers on 30 minute interval. The set up is by the client. Service providers can use the same email replies as for the original work orders to move the status of the work order to In Progress / Dispatch Confirmed.
    DM/RM Alert (GenericLocNoteWeeklyAlert) An e-mail containing an attachment (spreadsheet) with details of the work orders for the past week/two weeks is sent to the appropriate regions/districts. The specific parameters can be set – for example, do not include PM work orders, and the e-mail should be sent to the DM’s (DM e-mail address location note header) every two weeks
    Excessive Calls Alert Summary e-mail is sent once a day that lists stores with “x” number of repair requests for the same trade (usually three) within “y” days (usually 30). The “x” and “y” are can be changed by client.
    No Activity Alert for a Provider An alert that notifies providers that have open or in progress work orders that have had no activity in the previous xx days
    Scheduled Date Compliance Alert This alert is sent to service providers on daily interval for scheduled Date Past Due which are sent every day and Blank Scheduled Date and Recent Scheduled Date are sent once a week on Sunday. The set up is by subscriber.To set this alert up the only subscriber ID is required. Currently it is not possible to exclude providers from the alert.