Managing QuickBooks Integration

    "QuickBooks Integration" gives users with Financial Authority in Fixxbook the ability to access the ServiceChannel Invoice Connector. Invoice Connector is an application that brings efficiency to the invoice process by enabling you to automatically import invoices from QuickBooks to ServiceChannel.

    How To Access QuickBooks Integration:

    1. To turn this free feature on for your company, or for a demonstration, please email
    2. Once the feature has been turned on for your company, login to Fixxbook at
    3. Click "Settings" (gear icon at top right).
    4. Click the "Company" tab. (Note: Only users with the “Sys admin” role have access to this tab. Those “Sys admin” users who additionally have the “Financial Authority” role will see the “QuickBooks Integration” link.)

    How To Authorize the Connection:

    1. Click the QuickBooks Integration menu item.
    2. Click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button. (If you are not already logged in to QuickBooks within the same browser that you used to login to Fixxbook, you will be prompted to login to QuickBooks.
      Quickbooks Connector
    3. When the pop-up appears, click the “Authorize” button to authorize sharing of your data between ServiceChannel and Intuit.
      Welcome to Intuit App Center

    Your QuickBooks account is now connected to your Fixxbook account. (You may break the connection at any time by clicking "Disconnect from QuickBooks".)

    To finalize the integration, return to Fixxbook and follow the steps below.

    QuickBooks Integration

    How To Map Fields between QuickBooks and ServiceChannel:

    Map the fields to indicate where information from the QuickBooks invoice should appear on the ServiceChannel invoice. 

    1. Under “Tracking #”, select the custom field where you enter the ServiceChannel Tracking # (aka Work Order Number) in QuickBooks.
    2. Ensure that all your QuickBooks Services are correctly mapped to the ServiceChannel Services under which you would like them to appear on the ServiceChannel invoice.
    3. Click the “Add” button until all of your services have been mapped.

    QuickBooks Integration

    How To Set the Frequency:

    Set the frequency to indicate how often invoices should be automatically created in ServiceChannel. 

    1. Ensure that the box is checked to the left of “Import Invoices Every”.
    2. Select the desired number.
    3. Select Days or Weeks.
    4. Select the desired Start Date. Invoices in QuickBooks with an Invoice Date on or after the date you select will be imported into ServiceChannel.
    5. Click Run Once to import data and create invoices in ServiceChannel.

    QuickBooks Integration

    How To Save Your Setup:

      1. Click Save to save your mapping and frequency settings. 
      2. You may change these settings at any time by updating the mapping and/or frequency information and clicking Save again. 
    Note: Should you decide not to save your edits, click Cancel instead of Save.

    QuickBooks Integration