About Invoice Administration and Setup

    The Invoices sub-menu in Service Automation Admin allows facility operations to administer, setup, and manage how and when service providers invoice; when to automatically approve invoices; and when invoices move around a hierarchy for review and approvals. This allows more transparency, more efficient expense tracking, and better budget management in the invoicing workflow.

    How to Access the Invoice Settings

    In the top-left corner of the screen, click the menu icon, select Admin, and locate Invoices

    The Invoices menu consists of the following sub-sections:

    • General (Invoice Configuration) allows you to manage when invoices can be created and which type of invoices should be generated, so you have more transparency and better budget management. See Configuring Invoice Dates and Require Line Items for more information.
    • MLI Configuration allows you to configure a hierarchal multilevel invoice approval process, so to save the time and frustration of manually sending and receiving invoices between service providers, facility operations, and accounting operations. See Configuring Multilevel Invoice Approvals (MLI) for more information.
    • Auto-Approval allows you to approve invoices automatically — based on a configuration of trade, category, amount, and invoice posted date — so to achieve operational cost reduction while securing the process and minimizing financial risks. See Configuring Invoice Auto-Approval for more information.