Creating a Linked Dashboard Service Request

    In some cases, incidents need more than one work order to resolve the problem. For example: Your team is preparing for the midday crowd when suddenly a pipe bursts in the women’s restroom. Upon assessing the damage, you see that not only the pipe needs to be replaced, but there was also water damage to the wood floor. In this case, a linked service request can be placed to coordinate the work.

    Creating a linked service request will take you to the Service Automation Dashboard. See Creating a Work Order for more information on using the Dashboard.

    How to Create a Linked Dashboard Service Request:

    1. On the desired work order, click Create Linked Dashboard Service Request. The Dashboard will appear.
    2. Create and submit the work order in the Dashboard.
      IMPORTANT: Navigating away from creating the service request will break the linked service request.
    3. Close the Dashboard and refresh the work order page. You will see a link to the Follow Up Request on the current work order, and a link to the Original Request on the new work order.
      Creating a Linked Request