Managing User Roles

    User roles determine what level of Fixxbook access a user will have from view only to full administrative authority. Only permissioned users can modify user roles.

    When a user is first added they will default to basic view only access to a limited number of items in Fixxbook so it is important that after creating a user you ensure their role is updated accordingly.

    Fixxbook has the following roles:

    • Limited: User has basic system access that allows them to access personal settings, search for contractors, view their alerts and messages, and access help.
    • Data Reader: By default this user will also have access to those items in the Limited role. In addition, they can view the home page, company profile, trades and client sections in the top navigation bar. They will not be able to edit any of these sections or view financial information.
    • Data Writer: By default this user will also have access to those items in the Limited and Data Reader roles. In addition, they can edit the company profile and client sections.
    • Sys Admin: By default this user will also have access to those items in the Limited, Data Reader and Data Writer roles. In addition, they have access to edit company settings.
    • Financial Authority: This role is meant to be used in conjunction with the Data Reader, Data Writer and Sys Admin roles. By including this role in addition to one of these roles the user will have access to the financial pages of the Fixxbook account. By adding this to the Data Reader role the user can view the financial pages, by adding to the Data Writer or Sys Admin role the user can edit the financial pages.
    • When a user is not added to any of the above roles the user can access personal settings, view alerts and messages and access help.
      User Role Matrix

    How To Modify User Permissions:

    1. From the top navigation bar, click Settings (gear icon). The personal settings page appears.
    2. At the top of the page, click the Company tab. The Manage Permissions page appears.
    3. From the left navigation menu, click Users. The Users page appears.
    4. Click the Roles tab. The user role listing appears.
    5. Check or uncheck boxes for the appropriate role for the desired users. The user roles are saved.