Retrieving a Forgotten User ID or Password for Service Automation

    Sometimes a User ID or Password is forgotten. Should this happen, you may retrieve your credentials through the Service Automation login page.

    In case you forget your password, you may reset your password through the Service Automation login page. Should you not have permission to modify your password, you may contact your administrator and retrieve the password.

    Note: In case you login to Service Automation through a corporate portal, contact your IT department should you forget your internal password.


    How to Reset/Retrieve Service Automation Password

    1. In your Internet browser, go to, and then click the Forgot  Password link.
    2. Enter your User ID or email, and then click Send. Based on the permissions assigned, you may or may not be able to reset your password.


    • In case you are authorized to reset your password, a confirmation message appears stating that a link has been sent to your email address. You may reset your password by following the instructions in the email.