Reassigning a Work Order to Another Service Provider

    Depending on your permissions, you may reassign a work order to a different service provider. This is useful in situations where the assigned provider cannot service the work order: not able to make the estimated time of arrival (ETA), weather conditions, or the trade is not serviced by the provider are just a few examples why you may need to reassign a work order.

    The events that happen when a work order is reassigned are:

    • The original contractor receives an email, stating the work order was cancelled.
    • The reassigned contractor receives a dispatch email for the work order.
    • A reassignment date is placed on the work order with the date and time of the reassignment.
    • A note is placed on the work order, stating the reason for the reassignment, who the original contractor was, and who the new contractor is.
    • Changes to the work order appear on the work order, such as Scheduled Date, Category Priority, Trade, NTE or GL Code.

    The Reassign Button

    How to Reassign a Work Order:

    1. On the Work Order search results page, click Reassign. The Place Service Requests page appears.
    2. Under Step 2: Enter Request Specifications:
      • Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate Reason for Reassignment.
      • Enter a Note describing the reason for the reassignment.
      • (Optional) Update the Category, Priority, or Trade, as necessary.
    3. Click Next to continue.
    4. Scroll down to the section underneath the Edit button banner (before Step 3: Select a Provider):
      • (Optional) Update the NTE or GL Code, as necessary.
      • Review the Scheduled Date/Time to ensure the reassigned work order states the date and time desired for the service provider to arrive at the location.
    5. Under Step 3: Select a Provider:
      • Select the appropriate Provider Choice.
    6. Under Step 4: Method of Transmission:
      • Review the Default Method to ensure the selected service provider’s contact information is listed.
    7. Click Submit My Service Request. The confirmation page appears, noting on the top that the cancellation was sent to the original provider, and the dispatch request was sent to the new provider.

        Confirmation Page After Reassigning a Work Order