About Locations

    The Locations page allows permissioned users to view, add, and edit location information in real time. Location setup is crucial to the work order generation process: a work order cannot be generated for your physical location until it is first configured as a Location in Service Automation.

    Note: Permissioned users with Admin access may add, edit, or remove Locations.

    How to access Locations:

    1. At the top-left corner of the screen, click the menu icon, and select Locations and Provider Assignments. The Locations page appears.

    The Locations Page for Facility Operations

    Sections of the Locations page

    The Locations page is divided into four sections, the list of locations and snapshots about a selected location:

    • Locations List: By default, the first ten Locations appear, sorted by Location ID. You may use pagination (located on the bottom of the list) to view 20 or 50 Locations at a time.
    • Location Snapshot: Displays the Location’s name, email, telephone number, and number of attachments.
    • Provider Assignments Snapshot: Displays the number of service providers assigned to that Location, as well as the number of trades that do not have a service provider assigned.
    • Location Notes Snapshot: Only the Location Note Headers with entered information display on this page. Empty Location Note Headers do not appear.

    On the top-right of the page is Exclude Closed Locations. This is checked by default, so to hide closed locations from the list. While using filters, this section expands with additional options to help you manage service providers.

    On the bottom of the page is the Upload and Download section, which allows you to manage Locations, Location Notes information, Location telephone numbers, and Provider Assignments through templates. Please see the Uploading and Downloading Location Information section for more information.

    About the Locations List

    You may sort and filter the Locations list, add new Locations, assign or retire service providers from Locations and Trades:

    • Sorting or filtering the Locations list will help you find your Locations faster. This is especially helpful for facility operations with an extensive list of Locations. Pagination allows you to see either 10, 20 or 50 Locations at a time.
    • Assigning or retiring service providers from this list helps you manage your providers.
    • Adding new locations is necessary when you want to manage work orders for a location. See Adding a Location and Editing Location Details for more information.

    Sorting Locations

    On the top right of the Locations list is the sorter. By default the Locations list is sorted by Location ID. You may also sort by Location Name, District, Region, City and State. The arrow icon toggles the list to sort in ascending or descending order.

    Sorting Locations

    Dynamically Filtering Locations

    You may dynamically filter the Locations list using criteria such as Location Attributes, Provider Assignments, and Location Note Headers. Dynamic filtering allows you to view only the information you need to see for the desired Location(s). You may filter using as many criteria as needed.

    • Location Attributes criteria: Filter by Location ID, Location Name, Region, District, City, State, Zip Code and/or Country.
    • Location Open To/From criteria: Filter by the Open Date of the Location.
    • Provider Assignments criteria: Filter by Provider, Trade and/or Rank. (See Filtering by Provider Assignments Criteria, below.)
    • Location Notes Header criteria: Filter by any or all of the Location Note Headers, as configured in your system.
    Note: Your available filtering options are dependent on your permission levels. You may only filter to the options for which you have permissions.

    An example of how dynamic filtering works:

    You may filter the Locations list in any way, using as many criteria as necessary, to find the Location information that is relevant to you. An example is as follows:

    John, a Facility Manager, wants to see which stores iFixx Services, a service provider, is assigned to the Audio Visual trade in the NYC/LI District. John will dynamically filter the list by District (NYC/LI), Provider (iFixx Services), and Trade (Audio Visual).

    Dynamic Filtering on the Locations Page

    In this scenario, there are 3 Locations using iFixx Services for Audio Visual work orders. As you can see, iFixx Services is assigned as the Rank 1 provider for the Queens location, and the Rank 2 provider for the Brooklyn and Manhattan locations. If John wanted to make a change in ranking the service providers, he may click the trade and make the necessary adjustments.

    Filtering by Provider

    When using the Provider filter, an additional checkbox appears under Exclude Closed Locations, called Show Primary Rank Only. When the box is checked, the Location list displays only the locations and trades where the Provider selected is the top ranked provider.

    Filtering by Provider

    Filtering by Region, District, Trade or Rank

    When using the Region, District, Trade or Rank filters, additional selections appear along with Exclude Closed Locations and Show Primary Rank Only: Assigned and Open radio buttons. These radio buttons filter the Trades status in the locations list:

    • Assigned, when selected, filters the list to show all Locations with at least 1 provider assigned to at least 1 trade.
    • Open, when selected, filters the list to show all Locations with at least 1 trade that does not have a provider assigned to it.

    Filtering by Region, District, Trade, or Provider Rank

    Clearing Filters

    You may clear individual filters or clear all filters at once:

    • Clear individual filters by clicking the white X on the desired filter label(s). The remaining filters remain, and the locations list will reset with the remaining filters.
    • Clear all filters by clicking the blue X towards the left of all filter labels.