About Invoices

    Once a work order is completed, an invoice may be issued through Service Automation. A service provider can only issue an invoice once a work order is in either the Completed or Completed/Confirmed status. Facility management may then review and process invoices (approve, hold, or reject the invoice). An invoice cannot be created without a work order and each work order can only have one invoice.

    Items Listed on an Invoice

    On an invoice, you may see:

    • Details of the invoice, including the Invoice number, posted date, remit to address for payment, and invoice status;
    • Details of the work order, including the Tracking/Work Order/Purchase Order numbers; the NTE amount; the problem description as entered through the Dashboard; the name of the person who placed the original request; the date the work was completed; and the location where the work was completed;
    • The contractor who performed the work, including check-in and check-out times; number of technicians who worked on the work order; and the total number of hours worked by all technicians;
    • Labor and material amounts, either in total amounts or itemized; and
    • Travel and Invoice amounts.

    How to access Invoices:

    1. On the top navigation bar, click Invoices. The Invoices page appears with permissioned invoice report options listed.

    Invoice Search Criteria

    When searching for an invoice, the criteria is slightly different from other searches you may use in Service Automation. You may search for invoices using the following filters:

    • Category: Each category configured in Service Automation is available for you as filters. Select one or more checkboxes to search for invoices in those specific categories, or select All to search for invoices in all categories.
    • Priority: Each priority configured in Service Automation is available for you as filters. Select one or more checkboxes to search for invoices using those specific priorities, or select All to search for invoices in all priorities.
    • Search by: You may drill down to a specific invoice or a group of invoices by Invoice number, Tracking number, Work Order number, Batch number, Approval Code, and Payment number/Check number.
    • Invoice Status: Select one or more checkboxes to retrieve invoices in those specific statuses, or choose All to retrieve invoices in all statuses.
    • Date Range: Search for invoices issued during the past month, past three months, past year, or any custom date range, using a specific date type of invoice, action, posted, paid, call, audit, approval or transferred.
    • Invoice total: Search for invoices within an amount range.
    • Trade/Location: Use these criteria to restrict the list by Trade, Location, Region, District, Location Note Headers or Provider.
    Note: The most common reason an invoice search comes up empty is because search criteria has been entered too specifically. Should an initial search come up empty, perform a broad search and narrow it from there.